Attitude towards life ...

The desire of spirit
is ecstacy of life
and has the power of thoughts

It is not a shame to fall down
- however, itīs a shame to stay down.

It is easier
to split an atomic nucleus
- than a prejudice

Today we are taught more about intelligence that humanity.

Who believes to have achieved something
has stopped wanting to become more

Those who live in the past
or fear the future
sadly miss the present

Who fights can lose
Who doesnīt fight has already lost.

On your way upwards
be kind to all others.
as youīll meet them all
on your way back down.

If you have nothing to say,
say nothing!
Itīs better to keep your mouth shut
and appear stupid than
to open it and
reomove all doubt!

Effiency means:
As few as possible, as well as necessary.